The School’s Program

Our boarding school teaches young women between 18 and 21 years a one year training course in hospitality management the most important skills required by hotels of the mid and upper class and prepares them to self-reliance and self-determination of life.

The 12-months empowerment and training program of our boarding school prepares the girls for their future and for the labor market in the best possible way.

The technical skills cover the typical subjects of the hospitality management including Culinary Art, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage Services, Nutrition / Hygiene and Health.

The School’s concept focuses on excellence in practice. To that end, a unique practice and instructional environment was set up: in the restaurant, the B&B and the organic vegetable garden the students can practice fast and effectively. They are integral part of the teaching concept of the school.

Equally important are English and Computer skills; both are main subjects.

Of primary importance are the personal and soft skills. They are taught throughout the day and in special seminars held by experts.