Empower The Most Dis-empowered

About This Project

Girls of poor social-economic segments of the population belong to the most dis-empowered people. They usually have no access to higher education, their education ends with the secondary school, often just at primary school level. As a consequence, they are excluded from economic life because they lack the necessary qualifications.

The school offers young women between 18 and 21 years of very poor and socially difficult background a one year hospitality training course. The course teaches students the most important skills required by hotels of the mid and upper class and prepares them to self-reliance and self-determination of life. The covered courses include:

  • basic and solid technical skills
  • practical and guided field work of twice two months in selected hotels and restaurants
  • Family planning, women’s health, hygiene, reproductive health topics and AIDS
  • Good command of English and computer skills

Of particular importance are the personal competencies and the soft-skills as well as the personal development of the girls. The course has been designed for students discarded by society and with a very difficult background. The aims are on one side to reestablish the self-esteem and on the other side to teach lessons that are not part of the national school system but essential to find and then keep a job, such as:

  • communication skills
  • self-esteem
  •  professionalism at work / attitude and behavior
  • personal development
  • teamwork
  • how to manage stress